Single-Mode Optical Fiber For High-Power, Low-Loss UV Transmission

Published: August 08, 2014


Daniel H. Slichter, Yves Colombe, Andrew C. Wilson, Dietrich G. Leibfried, David J. Wineland


We report large-mode-area solid-core photonic crystal fibers made from fused silica which resist UV solarization even at relatively high optical powers. Using a process of hydrogen loading and UV irradiation of the fibers, we demonstrate stable single-mode transmission for output powers of 10 mW at 280 nm and 125 mW at 313 nm (limited only by the available laser power) over hundreds of hours. Fiber attenuation ranges from 0.87 dB/m to 0.13 dB/m at these wavelengths, and is unaffected by bending for bend radii above 50 mm.
Citation: Optics Express
Volume: 22
Issue: 16
Pub Type: Journals

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fiber characterization, photonic crystal fiber, single mode fiber, UV fiber
Created August 08, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017