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A single-beam slower and magneto-optical trap using a nanofabricated grating



Daniel S. Barker, Eric B. Norrgard, Nikolai N. Klimov, James A. Fedchak, Julia K. Scherschligt, Stephen P. Eckel


We demonstrate a compact (0.25 L) system for laser cooling and trapping atoms from a heated dispenser source. Our system uses a nano-fabricated diffraction grating to generate a magneto- optical trap (MOT) using a single input laser beam. An aperture in the grating allows atoms from the dispenser to be loaded from behind the chip, increasing the interaction distance of atoms with the cooling light. To take full advantage of this increased distance, we extend the magnetic field gradient of the MOT to create a Zeeman slower. The MOT traps approximately 10^6 lithium-7 atoms loaded from an effusive source at rates in excess of 10^6/s. Our design is portable to a variety of atomic and molecular species and can be an integral component for miniaturized cold-atom technologies.
Physical Review Applied


laser cooling, magneto-optical trap, zeeman slower, cold core technology, cold atom vacuum standard
Created June 11, 2019, Updated January 27, 2020