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Simultaneous positioning and orientation of single nano-wires using flow control



Pramod Mathai, Peter T. Carmichael, Benjamin Shapiro, James A. Liddle


We present a method for manipulating both the position and orientation of nanowires (NWs) by feedback control of flows that does not require that the NWs have speci fic material properties (other methods require, for example, that the NWs be electromagnetically polarizable). Moreover, unlike polarization based techniques, the orientational trapping precision using flow control does not degrade with decreasing NW cross-sectional area. We demonstrate control of NWs in a microfluidic device across a 170 nm region with on-demand trapping, translation, and rotation of dielectric, semiconducting, and metallic NWs, making it attractive for sensing and directed assembly applications. We achieve an average positional trapping accuracy and precision of 1.3 um and 0.6 um respectively, and an average orientational trapping accuracy and precision of 2.3 degrees and 5.4 degrees respectively.
RSC Advances


Feedback flow control, electro-osmosis, position orientation control nanowires.


Mathai, P. , Carmichael, P. , Shapiro, B. and Liddle, J. (2013), Simultaneous positioning and orientation of single nano-wires using flow control, RSC Advances, [online], (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created January 28, 2013, Updated November 10, 2018