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Simulation of a Heat Pump Operating With a Nonazeotropic Mixture



Piotr A. Domanski, David Didion


This paper provides an overview of the model developed for simulation of steady -state performance of a heat pump working with a nonazeotropic binary mixture. The modeled heat pump consists of a hermetic, reciprocating compressor, flat-finned tube heat exchangers, a constant flow area expansion device, an accumulator, a four-way valve, and connecting tubing. The paper discusses basic concepts in formulation of models of major heat pump components and overall program iteration scheme. Verification of the model is presented in the cooling and heating operating modes for a heat pump charged with R13Bl/R152a mixture.
ASHRAE Technical Data Bulletin 54
No. 2B


heat pumps, mixtures, simulation, steady state, heat transfer, valves, cooling, heating, evalution, thermodynamic properties, equations, transport properties


Domanski, P. and Didion, D. (1985), Simulation of a Heat Pump Operating With a Nonazeotropic Mixture, ASHRAE Technical Data Bulletin 54, [online], (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created June 1, 1985, Updated February 19, 2017