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A Simple Transfer-Optics System for an Extreme-Ultraviolet Synchrotron Beamline



Charles S. Tarrio, Steven E. Grantham, Robert E. Vest, K Liu


Beamlines at synchrotron radiation facilities often have interchangeable endstations to allow several different experiments to use the output of a single monochromator. However, for endstations that are sufficiently large, this is not possible. We have developed a simple transfer optics system that allows endstations to be attached to the exit flange of a large extreme-ultraviolet reflectometry facility. The system works as desired and predicted, and we will present preliminary results for two different experiments that use these optics.
Review of Scientific Instruments
No 4


detector packages, detectors, EUV lithography, extreme ultraviolet, radiometry, responsivity, synchrotron


Tarrio, C. , Grantham, S. , Vest, R. and Liu, K. (2005), A Simple Transfer-Optics System for an Extreme-Ultraviolet Synchrotron Beamline, Review of Scientific Instruments (Accessed December 1, 2023)
Created April 1, 2005, Updated February 17, 2017