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A simple imaging solution for chip-scale laser cooling



John Kitching, Gabriela Martinez, A, Gregazzi, Paul Griffin, Aidan Arnold, D. P. Burt, Rodolphe Bouldot, Erling Riis, James McGilligan


We demonstrate a simple stacked scheme that enables absorption imaging through a hole in the surface of a grating magneto-optical trap (GMOT) chip, placed immediately below a micro-fabricated vacuum cell. The imaging scheme is capable of overcoming the reduced optical access and surface scatter that is associated with this chip-scale platform while further permitting both trapping and imaging of the atoms from a single incident laser beam. The through-hole imaging is used to characterize the impact of the reduced optical overlap volume of the GMOT in the chip-scale cell, with an outlook to an optimized atom number in low volume systems.
Applied Physics Letters


laser cooling, imaging, grating magneto optic trap


Kitching, J. , Martinez, G. , Gregazzi, A. , Griffin, P. , Arnold, A. , Burt, D. , Bouldot, R. , Riis, E. and McGilligan, J. (2021), A simple imaging solution for chip-scale laser cooling, Applied Physics Letters, [online],, (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created November 1, 2021, Updated March 25, 2024