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Simple device for rare cell capture from whole blood



Jason G. Kralj, Samuel P. Forry, Matt S. Munson, Thomas P. Forbes, Chandamany Arya, Lynn Sorbara, Alessandro Tona, Sudhir Srivastava


We have developed a system to isolate rare cells from whole blood using commercially available components and simple microfluidics that can provide biologists with the capabilities of the monolithic devices. We characterized the capture of MCF-7 cells spiked into whole human blood to demonstrate that enrichment and even enumeration studies are possible, and enabling engineers and biologists access to this technology.
Lab on A Chip


microfluidics, rare cell capture, circulating tumor cells, whole blood assay


Kralj, J. , Forry, S. , Munson, M. , Forbes, T. , Arya, C. , Sorbara, L. , Tona, A. and Srivastava, S. (2012), Simple device for rare cell capture from whole blood, Lab on A Chip (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created September 26, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017