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Silicon Nanowires As Enhancement-mode Schottky-barrier Field-effect Transistors



Sang-Mo Koo, Monica D. Edelstein, Qiliang Li, Curt A. Richter, Eric M. Vogel


Silicon nanowire field-effect transistors (SiNWFETs) have been fabricated with a highly simplified integration scheme to function as Schottky barrier transistors and excellent enhancement-mode characteristics with high on/off current ratio 107 are demonstrated. Compared to the reference FETs with larger channel width (7?0-10 A/mm), significant improvement in the thermal emission leakage (6?0-13 A/mm) has been achieved in SiNWFETs. It has been found that the drain current level depends substantially on the contact metal work function by examining devices with different source-/drain- contacts of Ti (?4.33 eV) and Cr (?4.50 eV). The different conduction mechanisms for accumulation- and inversion-mode operation are discussed and compared with two-dimensional numerical simulation results.


nanowire transistor, Silicon nanowire


Koo, S. , Edelstein, M. , Li, Q. , Richter, C. and Vogel, E. (2005), Silicon Nanowires As Enhancement-mode Schottky-barrier Field-effect Transistors, Nanotechnology (Accessed December 7, 2023)
Created June 28, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021