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Silicon Carbide PiN and Merged PiN Schottky Power Diode Models Implemented in the Saber Circuit Simulator



Ty R. McNutt, Allen R. Hefner Jr., Alan Mantooth, J L. Duliere, David W. Berning, Ranbir Singh


Dynamic electrothermal circuit simulator models are developed for silicon carbide power diodes. The models accurately describe the temperature dependence of on-state characteristics and reverse-recovery switching waveforms. The models are verified for the on-state characteristics' temperature dependence, and reverse-recovery characteristics' di/dt, dv/dt, and temperature dependence. The model results are presented for both 1500 V SiC Merged PiN Schottky (MPS) diodes, 600 V Schottky diodes, and 5000 V SiC PiN diodes. The devices studied have current ratings from 0.25 A to 5 A and different lifetimes to optimize the switching energy versus on-state voltage trade-off. A previously reported test system was utilized that is specifically designed to emulate a wide range of application conditions by independently controlling the applied diode voltage, forward diode current, di/dt, and dv/dt at turnoff. A behavioral model of the test system was implemented utilizing library components in order to validate the models. The models are validated for a wide range of application conditions for which the diode could be used.
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics


compact modeling, diodes, electrothermal, Merged-PiN-Schottky, PiN, reverse recovery, Schottky, Silicon Carbide, simulation


McNutt, T. , Hefner Jr., A. , Mantooth, A. , Duliere, J. , Berning, D. and Singh, R. (2004), Silicon Carbide PiN and Merged PiN Schottky Power Diode Models Implemented in the Saber Circuit Simulator, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, [online], (Accessed June 19, 2024)


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Created April 30, 2004, Updated October 12, 2021