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Should ontologies be evaluated?



Judith R. Gelernter, Jyoti Jha


Ontologies are semantic tools for Artificial Intelligence. Ontologies list and define objects in a domain and the relationship among objects such as to do reasoning within and among systems. Mistakes within ontologies bring system errors if their use in a system is rigid. But we have found that ontology reasoners cannot find a range of errors. Therefore, with present tools, we suggest that ontology evaluation is not worthwhile. Instead, we must re-make current tools so that it is unnecessary to know ontology languages or logic for domain experts to edit an ontology, or else we could adjust rules in ontology-based systems to allow fuzzy matching based on ontologies that are imperfect.
Journal of Data and Information Quality


Ontology evaluation, ontology reliability, accuracy, error correction
Created September 1, 2016, Updated November 10, 2018