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Shear Induced Tilt Order in Polymer Blends



Erik K. Hobbie, Haonan Wang, H Jeon, H W. Kim, D Stout, Charles C. Han


Optical studies of viscoelastic emulsions under simple shear flow reveal long-range spatial correlation in the orientation of the deformed domains. As the volume fraction of droplets increases, the tilt angle between the direction of orientation and the vorticity axis grows from 0 to p/2. Weak liquid-like order in the two-point correlation function suggests that inter-particle interactions play a fundamental role in this transition, which resembles an evolution from soft to rigid particles with increasing volume fraction.
Physical Review Letters


polymer blends, shear, tilt angle, viscoelastic


Hobbie, E. , Wang, H. , Jeon, H. , Kim, H. , Stout, D. and Han, C. (2008), Shear Induced Tilt Order in Polymer Blends, Physical Review Letters (Accessed July 21, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008