Service Life Prediction -Why is this so hard?

Published: November 08, 2017


Christopher C. White, Kenneth M. White, James Pickett


Service life prediction in general and weathering lifetime in particular have been persistent problems despite nearly a century of work. Part of the problem has been a gap between the work of scientists studying material degradation and the practices, needs, and desires of engineers who make the specifications and standards that drive most testing. In this chapter, we describe why this gap exists and propose a way to close it using the methodology of service life prediction to develop predictive test conditions for specific classes of materials.
Citation: Service Life Prediction of Polymers and Plastics Exposed to Outdoor Weathering
Volume: 1
Publisher Info: Elisiver, Cambridge, MA
Pub Type: Book Chapters


service life prediction, accelerated testing, weathering, reciprocity, activation energy, moisture, standards
Created November 08, 2017, Updated October 22, 2018