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Semiconductor Double Quantum Dot Micromaser



Michael Gullans, Yinyiu Liu, George Stehlik, Jacob M. Taylor, Jason Petta


The coherent generation of light, from masers to lasers, relies upon the specific structure of the individual emitters that lead to gain. Devices operating as lasers in the few- emitter limit provide opportunities for understanding quantum coherent phenomena, from THz sources to quantum communication. Here we demonstrate a microwave laser driven by single electron tunneling events. Semiconductor double quantum dots (DQDs) serve as a gain medium and are placed inside of a high quality factor microwave cavity. The free-running maser emission can be locked to an input tone, resulting in injection locking, a hallmark of lasing. In the DQD micromaser, single electron tunneling between two discrete zero-dimensional states results in gain. The DQD energy levels are electrically tunable, allowing fast switching of the maser and the potential for frequency tunable operation from GHz to THz frequencies.


quantum dot, InAs nanowire, cavity QED, maser


Gullans, M. , Liu, Y. , Stehlik, G. , Taylor, J. and Petta, J. (2015), Semiconductor Double Quantum Dot Micromaser, Science/AAAS, [online], (Accessed February 26, 2024)
Created January 16, 2015, Updated November 10, 2018