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A Semantic-Mediation Architecture for Interoperable Supply-Chain Applications



Marko Vujasinovic, Nenad Ivezic, Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Edward J. Barkmeyer Jr., Michele Missikoff, Francesco Taglino, Zuran Marjanovic, Igor Miletic


This paper presents a semantic-mediation architecture that enables standards-based interoperability between heterogeneous supply-chain applications. The architecture was implemented using a state-of-the-art semantic-mediation toolset for design-time and run-time integration tasks. The design-time tools supported a domain ontology definition, message annotations, message schema transformations, and reconciliation rules specifications. The run-time tools performed exchanges, transformations, and reconciliations of the messages. The architecture supports an supply-chain integration scenario where heterogeneous automotive manufacturing supply-chain applications exchange inventory information.
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing


semantic-mediation architecture, supply-chain interoperability, ontologies, standards-based interoperability
Created November 10, 2008, Updated February 19, 2017