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Self-Energy Screening in Two-Electron Ions



Paul Indelicato, Peter Mohr


The self-energy screening correction to the Coulomb part of the electron-electron interaction (self-energy screening) is evaluated. We consider only the monopole term, which is the only one present in many cases, and the direct term. We evaluate the energy shift due to a 1S/2, 2S/2, 2P/2, or 2p3/2, electron, for nuclear charge Z in the range 5 less then or equal to} Z less then or equal to} 92. A detailed comparison with other calculations is made.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings of Conference on QED 2000
No. 564
Conference Dates
October 5-11, 2000
Conference Location
Trieste, 1, IT
Conference Title
AIP Conference Proceedings


atomic energy levels, high-Z few-electron atoms, quantum electrodynamics, screening correction, self energy


Indelicato, P. and Mohr, P. (2001), Self-Energy Screening in Two-Electron Ions, Proceedings of Conference on QED 2000, Trieste, 1, IT (Accessed March 2, 2024)
Created September 30, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021