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Selective Study of Polymer/Dielectric Interfaces with Vibrationally Resonant Sum Frequency Generation Via Thin-Film Interference



P T. Wilson, Kimberly A. Briggman, William E. Wallace, John C. Stephenson, Lee J. Richter


A new technique for selective characterization of the structure of free and buried thin film interfaces by vibrationaly resonant sum frequency generation spectroscopy is described. Manipulation of Fressnel coefficients by choice of film thickness on a reflecting substrate allows simultaneous optimization of signal from the desired interface and minimization of signal from other interfacial sources. This technique is demonstrated for the free polystyrene (PS)/air and the buried PS/ spin-on glass (SOG) interfaces. Our spectra show the pendant phenyl group orientation is similar at the buried and free interfaces, with the phenyls pointing away from the bulk PS at each interface.
Applied Physics Letters
No. 17


interface, polymer, spectroscopy, sum frequency generation, surface, thin film
Created April 1, 2002, Updated January 27, 2020