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Security Policy Management for Handheld Devices



Wayne Jansen, Athanasios T. Karygiannis, M Iorga, Serban I. Gavrila, Vlad Korolev


The adoption of wireless technologies and handheld devices is becoming widespread in business, industry, and government organizations. The use of handheld devices introduces new risks to existing enterprise computing resources. Therefore, organizations require new strategies to mitigate the security risks associated with the integration of wireless technologies into existing computing environments. In this paper, we describe a framework for managing user privileges on handheld devices. Our framework aims at assisting enterprise security officers in creating, distributing, and enforcing group and individual security policies for Personal Digital Assistants, and helping users to automatically comply with their organization's security policy. Details of a proof-of-concept implementation of the framework are also provided.
Proceedings Title
Security and Management, International Conference | | Security and Management, SAM '03 | CSREA Press
Conference Dates
June 1, 2003
Conference Title
Proceedings of the International Conference on Security and Management


PDA, security policy, trust management


Jansen, W. , Karygiannis, A. , Iorga, M. , Gavrila, S. and Korolev, V. (2003), Security Policy Management for Handheld Devices, Security and Management, International Conference | | Security and Management, SAM '03 | CSREA Press, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created June 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017