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Certification Approaches for Weigh-In-Motion Systems in Law Enforcement Applications

March 26, 2024
Katrice Lippa, Jan Konijnenburg, Loren Minnich, Tanvi Pandya, James Willis
Every day, overweight and excessively heavy vehicles cause damage to roads, bridges, and other vehicle-based infrastructure. To protect this vital transportation infrastructure for the U.S., states have imposed weight limits for commercial and fleet

2023 NIST Summary of U.S. Legal Metrology Activities

November 20, 2023
Lisa Warfield, Katrice Lippa, Jan Konijnenburg, Loren Minnich, Gloria Diane Lee, Juana Williams, John McGuire
The NIST Office of Weights and Measures (OWM) presents its second issue of the 2023 NIST Annual Summary of U.S. Legal Metrology Activities report. This report includes a summary of changes made to NIST Handbook 44 (2023) Specifications, Tolerances and

Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices as adopted by the 108th National Conference on Weights and Measures

November 15, 2023
Lisa Warfield, Jan Konijnenburg, Katrice Lippa, Gloria Diane Lee, Loren Minnich, Juana Williams
NIST Handbook 44 is adopted by many state, local, and some federal weights and measures authorities to apply to commercial weighing and measuring equipment and associated equipment and for use in applications for law enforcement and the collection of

2023 NIST OWM S&T Analysis

July 7, 2023
Lisa Warfield, Loren Minnich, Jan Konijnenburg, Gloria Diane Lee, Juana Williams
The NIST OWM Analysis is submitted to assist the Weights and Measures community as it deliberates on items before the 2023 NCWM Annual Conference. NIST OWM offers these comments and recommendations based upon information and input available as of the date