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Valley blockade in a silicon double quantum dot

November 13, 2017
Justin K. Perron, Michael Gullans, Jacob Taylor, Michael Stewart, Neil M. Zimmerman
Electrical transport in double quantum dots (DQD) is useful for illuminating many interesting aspects of the carrier states in quantum dots. Here we show data comparing bias triangles (i.e., regions of allowed current in DQDs) at positive and negative bias

Coulomb bound states of strongly interacting photons

September 18, 2015
Mohammad F. Maghrebi, Michael Gullans, Przemek Bienias, Soonwon Choi, Ivar Martin, Ofer Firstenberg, Mikhail D. Lukin, Hans Peter Buchler, Alexey Gorshkov
We show that two photons coupled to Rydberg states via electromagnetically induced transparency can interact via an effective Coulomb potential. This interaction gives rise to a continuum of two-body bound states. Within the continuum, metastable bound

Quantum Nonlinear Optics Near Optomechanical Instabilities

January 9, 2015
Xunnong Xu, Michael Gullans, Jacob Taylor
Optomechanical systems provide a unique platform for observing quantum behavior of macro- scopic objects. However, efforts towards realizing nonlinear behavior at the single photon level have been inhibited by the small size of the radiation pressure