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An Improved Sample Preparation Method for Protein and Peptide Identification from Human Hair

November 27, 2023
Zheng Zhang, William E. Wallace, Guanghui Wang, Meghan Burke Harris, Yi Liu, Sergey Sheetlin, Stephen E. Stein
A fast and sensitive Direct Extraction (DE) method developed in our group can efficiently extract proteins in 30 min from a 5 cm-long hair strand. Previously we coupled DE to downstream analysis using gel electrophoresis followed by in-gel digestion, which

Sensitive Method for the Confident Identification of Genetically Variant Peptides in Human Hair

October 31, 2019
Zheng Zhang, Meghan Burke, William E. Wallace, Yuxue Liang, Sergey L. Sheetlin, Yuri Mirokhin, Dmitrii Tchekhovskoi, Stephen Stein
Recent reports have demonstrated that genetically variant peptides (GVPs) derived from human hair shaft proteins can be used to differentiate individuals of different biogeographic origin (Parker, G.J.; et al. PLos One. 2016, e0160653). We report a direct

Reverse and Random Decoy Methods for False Discovery Rate Estimation in High Mass Accuracy Peptide Spectral Library Searches

February 2, 2018
Zheng Zhang, Meghan C. Burke, Yuri A. Mirokhin, Dmitrii V. Tchekhovskoi, Sanford P. Markey, Wen Yu, Raghothama Chaerkady, Sonja Hess, Stephen E. Stein
Spectral library searching (SLS) is an attractive alternative to sequence database searching (SDS) for peptide identification due to its speed, sensitivity, and ability to include any selected mass spectra. However, SLS does not have a widely tested and

Interconversion of Peptide Mass Spectral Libraries Derivatized with iTRAQ or TMT Labels

July 7, 2016
Zheng Zhang, Xiaoyu Yang, Yuri A. Mirokhin, Dmitrii V. Tchekhovskoi, Weihua Ji, Sanford P. Markey, Pedatsur Neta, Bowen A. Michael, Stephen E. Stein
Derivatizing peptides with isobaric tags such as iTRAQ and TMT is widely employed in proteomics due to their ability to multiplex quantitative measurements. We recently made publicly available a large peptide library derived from iTRAQ 4-plex labeled