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An atomic boson sampler

May 8, 2024
Aaron Young, Shawn Geller, William Eckner, Nathan Schine, Scott Glancy, Emanuel Knill, Adam Kaufman

Improving quantum state detection with adaptive sequential observations

May 13, 2022
Emanuel Knill, Scott Glancy, Daniel Cole, Shawn Geller
For many quantum systems intended for information processing, one detects the logical state of a qubit by integrating a continuously observed quantity over time. For example, ion and atom qubits are typically measured by driving a cycling transition and

High-fidelity indirect readout of trapped-ion hyperfine qubits

April 21, 2022
Stephen Erickson, Jenny Wu, Panyu Hou, Daniel Cole, Shawn Geller, Alexander Kwiatkowski, Scott Glancy, Emanuel Knill, Daniel Slichter, Andrew C. Wilson, Dietrich Leibfried
We propose and demonstrate a protocol for high-fidelity indirect readout of trapped ion hyperfine qubits, where the state of a 9Be+ qubit ion is mapped to a 25Mg+ readout ion using laser-driven Raman transitions. By partitioning the 9Be+ ground-state