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On Computing Elastic Shape Distances between Curves in d-dimensional Space

June 21, 2021
Javier Bernal, James F. Lawrence, Gunay Dogan, Robert Hagwood
The computation of the elastic registration of two simple curves in higher dimensions and therefore of the elastic shape distance between them has been investigated by Srivastava et al. Assuming the first curve has one or more starting points, and the

VEMOS: A GUI for Evaluation of Similarity Metrics on Complex Data Sets

June 7, 2021
Gunay Dogan, Eve Fleisig
Similarity and dissimilarity metrics are a fundamental component of many tasks requiring the analysis and comparison of complex, often visual data. Applications from deep learning to forensics require ways to effectively identify images, find clusters or

Fast Dynamic Programming for Elastic Registration of Curves

June 30, 2016
Javier Bernal, Gunay Dogan, Robert Hagwood
Curve registration problems in data analysis and com- puter vision can often be reduced to the problem of match- ing two functions defined on an interval. Dynamic Pro- gramming (DP) is an effective approach to solve this prob- lem. In this paper, we

FFT-based Alignment of 2d Closed Curves with Application to Elastic Shape Analysis

September 10, 2015
Gunay Dogan, Javier Bernal, Robert Hagwood
For many shape analysis problems in computer vision and scientific imaging (e.g., computational anatomy, morphological cytometry), the ability to align two closed curves in the plane is crucial. In this paper, we concentrate on rigidly aligning pairs of

A Fast Algorithm for Elastic Shape Distances Between Closed Planar Curves

June 8, 2015
Gunay Dogan, Javier Bernal, Robert C. Hagwood
Effective computational tools for shape analysis are needed in many areas of science and engineering. We address this and propose a fast algorithm to compute the geodesic distance between elastic closed curves in the plane. The original algorithm for the

An efficient curve evolution algorithm for multiphase image segmentation

January 7, 2015
Gunay Dogan
We propose a novel iterative algorithm for segmentation of multiphase images by curve evolution. Specifically, we address a multiphase version of the Chan-Vese piecewise constant segmentation energy. Our algorithm is efficient: it is based on an explicit

Shape Calculus for Shape Energies in Image Processing

July 22, 2013
Gunay Dogan, Ricardo H. Nochetto
Many image processing problems are naturally expressed as energy minimization or shape optimization problems, in which the free variable is a shape, such as a curve in 2d or a surface in 3d. Examples are image segmentation, multiview stereo reconstruction

OOF3D: An Image-Based Finite Element Solver for Materials Science

March 28, 2012
Valerie R. Coffman, Andrew C. Reid, Stephen A. Langer, Gunay Dogan
Recent advances in experimental techniques (micro CT scans, automated serial sectioning, electron back-scatter diffraction, synchrotron radiation x-rays) have made it possible to characterize the full, three dimensional structure of real materials. Such

First Variation of the General Curvature-dependent Surface Energy

January 1, 2012
Gunay Dogan, Ricardo H. Nochetto
We consider general weighted surface energies, where the energies have the form of weighted integrals over a closed surface and the weight depends on the normal and the mean curvature of the surface. Energies of this form have applications in many areas