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SysML Models for Discrete Event Logistics Systems

Timothy A. Sprock, Conrad E. Bock
System models and model-based engineering methods have the promise of transforming the way that industrial engineers interact with production and logistics

FEA solver integration framework

Conrad E. Bock, Jerome Szarazi
Integrating finite element analysis (FEA) with systems engineering (SE) would improve traceability, consistency, and interoperability between SE and FEA

Conceptual Modeling

Conrad E. Bock, Fatma Dandashi, Sanford Friedenthal, Natalie Harrison, Steven Jenkins, Leon McGinnis, Janos Sztipanovits, Adelinde Uhrmacher, Eric Weisel, Lin Zhang
Understanding and developing complex systems requires collaboration between individuals with widely varying expertise. Communication between these individuals


Conrad E. Bock, Guodong Shao, Kevin W. Lyons, Ronay Ak, Katherine C. Morris, Bjoern J. Johansson
Manufacturing standards provide the means for industries to effectively and consistently deploy methodologies and technologies to assess process performance

Feasibility of Integrating OAGIS and BPMN

Denis Gagne, Conrad E. Bock
Engineering and enterprise processes overlap in their concerns, for example, coordinating product design and customer relations. Integration of these processes

BPMN Profile for Operational Requirements

Conrad E. Bock, Raphael Barbau, Anantha Narayanan Narayanan
An important aspect of systems and products is how they interact with their environment, including how they are operated. Behaviors external to systems usually

Componentization in the Systems Modeling Language

Conrad E. Bock
This paper describes new capabilities in the Systems Modeling Language that reduce the complexity of specifying systems through componentization, and increase

SysML extension for dynamical system simulation tools

Ion Matei, Conrad E. Bock
Computer-interpretable representations of system structure and behavior are at the center of designing today’s complex systems. Engineers create and review such

An Analysis of Solver-Based Simulation Tools

Ion Matei, Conrad E. Bock
Computer-interpretable representations of systems’ structure and behavior are at the center of designing today’s complex systems. Engineers create and review

New Capabilities for Interaction Modeling in BPMN 2.0

Conrad E. Bock, Stephen White
Interaction models capture how businesses interact with customers and each other to provide products and services. The trend toward combinations of products and

Ontological Behavior Modeling

Conrad E. Bock, James Odell
This article gives an example of improving the effectiveness of behavior modeling languages using ontological techniques. The techniques are applied to

NIST Workshop on Ontology Evaluation (NISTIR 7774)

Ram D. Sriram, Conrad E. Bock, Fabian M. Neuhaus, Evan K. Wallace, Mary C. Brady, Mark Musen, Joanne Luciano
The National Institute for Standards and Technology sponsored a workshop in October, 2007, on the subject of ontology evaluation. An international group of