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An Empirical Analysis of IPv6 Transition Mechanism

February 20, 2006
M K. Shin, Darrin J. Santay, Douglas Montgomery
We examine the performance of multimodal biometric authentication systems using state-of-the-art Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) fingerprint and face biometric systems on a population approaching 1,000 individuals. Majority of prior studies of multimodal

DNSSEC Test and Measurement Tools: Secure Zone Integrity Tester v0.9.3, Zone Monitoring Tool v0.9, dns Trace : traffic statistics collection tool, querysim : DNS query workload monitoring tool

October 1, 2005
Scott W. Rose, Darrin J. Santay, Douglas Montgomery, Kevin L. Mills, Stephen Quirolgico, M Ramaswamy
We have implemented a quantum key distribution (QKD) system with polarization encoding at 850 nm over 1 km of optical fiber. The high-speed management of the bit-stream, generation of random numbers and processing of the sifting algorithm are all handled

Micro-Time-Scale Network Measurements and Harmonic Effects

April 28, 2004
Mark E. Carson, Darrin J. Santay
As network transmission speeds increase, packet streams increasingly uncover fine details of the interior behavior of router hardware and software. This behavior reveals itself as a set of harmonic effects, as interior clocks periodically interrupt packet