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Comparison Demonstrates Factor of Three Improvement in Gas Flow Measurements

July 21, 2021
John D. Wright, Gina Kline, Kevin John, Brian Novitsky, Jason Bellavance, Kevin SHufelt, Bradley Nease, Miles Owen, Joseph Allen, Casey Rombouts, William Gause, John Cuccio
A comparison of seven gas flow calibration laboratories piloted by NIST used four laminar flow meters as the transfer standards for nine nitrogen gas flows ranging from 1 sccm to 10 slm. The comparison reference value was calculated from the uncertainty

Errors in Rate of Rise Gas Flow Measurements from Flow Work

March 20, 2018
John D. Wright, Aaron Johnson, Gina Kline, Michael R. Moldover
The rate of rise (RoR) method measures the time rate of change of the mass of gas in a collection volume as it is filled via a flow meter under test. The mass of gas is calculated from time-stamped pressure and temperature data gathered from the known

Improved Nozzle Manifold for Gas Flow Calibrations

June 20, 2012
Aaron N. Johnson, Chunhui Li, John D. Wright, Gina M. Kline, Christopher J. Crowley
We developed a new nozzle manifold that reduced the uncertainty of flow calibrations from 0.09 % to as low as 0.074 % for flows of air up to 0.84 kg/s (43 000 L/min at reference conditions of 101.325 kPa and 293.15 K). The nozzle manifold also reduces the

Gas Flowmeter Calibrations With the Working Gas Flow Standard

November 23, 2009
John D. Wright, Jean-Phillipe Kayl, Aaron N. Johnson, Gina M. Kline
The Working Gas Flow Standard (WGFS) uses critical venturis, critical nozzles, or laminar flowmeters as working standards to calibrate customer flowmeters. The working standards are periodically calibrated with primary standards: the 34 L, 677 L, or 26 m3

Gas Flowmeter Calibrations with the 34 L and 677 L PVTt Standards

June 23, 2004
John D. Wright, Aaron N. Johnson, Michael R. Moldover, Gina M. Kline
This document provides a description of the 34 L and 677 L pressure, volume, temperature, and time (PVTt) primary gas flow standards operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Fluid Flow Group. These facilities are used to