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Measuring Manufacturing’s Significance in the USA

December 16, 2020
Katherine C. Morris, Douglas S. Thomas
Economic value added is a primary metric for measuring manufacturing activity; however, this metric and others exclude approximately half of the economic activity necessary for producing manufactured goods. With the recent disruption in the supply of goods

Realizing Environmentally-Conscious Manufacturing in the Post-COVID-19 Era

December 16, 2020
Nancy Diaz-Elsayed, Julius Schoop, Katherine C. Morris
The unique and unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in significant disruptions to diverse manufacturing supply chains across the globe. The negative economic impacts of these unexpected and rapid changes in demand and available

Technical Language Processing: Unlocking Maintenance Knowledge

December 11, 2020
Michael P. Brundage, Thurston B. Sexton, Melinda Hodkiewicz, Alden A. Dima, Sarah Lukens
Out-of-the-box natural-language processing (NLP) pipelines need re-imagining to understand and meet the requirements of the engineering sector. Text-based documents account for a significant portion of data collected during the life cycle of asset

An Analysis of the IOF Architecture – a Systems Integration Perspective

November 20, 2020
Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Minchul Lee, Megan Katsumi
The Industrial Ontology Foundry (IOF) describes its ontology architecture in the its charter wherein different types of ontologies are identified. These types ontologies are described at high-level in the charter. Their relationships and purposes are not

Formalizing Performance Evaluation of Mobile Manipulator Robots using CTML

November 20, 2020
Omar Y. Aboul-Enein, Yaping Jing, Roger Bostelman
Computation Tree Measurement Language (CTML) is a newly developed formal language that offers simultaneous model verification and performance evaluation measures. While the theory behind CTML has been established, the language has yet to be tested on a


November 19, 2020
Maja Barring, Guodong Shao, Bjorn Johansson
The manufacturing sector is experiencing a technological paradigm shift, where new digital technologies can help digitalize product design, production systems, and manufacturing processes and generate more data. One of the essential technology concepts for

Annual Report on U.S. Manufacturing Industry Statistics: 2020

October 27, 2020
Douglas Thomas
This report provides a statistical review of the U.S. manufacturing industry. There are three aspects of U.S. manufacturing that are considered: (1) how the U.S. industry compares to other countries, (2) the trends in the domestic industry, and (3) the

Prognostics and Health Management to Improve Resilient Manufacturing

October 23, 2020
Michael P. Brundage, Brian A. Weiss
Manufacturers need to be resilient to effectively mitigate substantial disruptions to manufacturing operations so they may remain competitive. Disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 global pandemic have caused manufacturers to experience new challenges

Cybersecurity Framework Version 1.1 Manufacturing Profile

October 7, 2020
Keith A. Stouffer, Timothy A. Zimmerman, CheeYee Tang, Michael J. Pease, Jeffrey A. Cichonski, John McCarthy
This document provides the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Version 1.1 implementation details developed for the manufacturing environment. The "Manufacturing Profile" of the CSF can be used as a roadmap for reducing cybersecurity risk for manufacturers that

Open Standards for Flexible Discrete Manufacturing in the Model-Based Enterprise

September 23, 2020
Mark White, Eric Holterman, Tim Bakker, Larry Maggiano
The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing is currently constructing an open, standards-based flexible manufacturing cell. The manufacturing cell must take in a product definition, machine the defined part, inspect it, rework as necessary, and

Reliable, High-Performance Wireless Systems for Factory Automation

September 18, 2020
Kang B. Lee, Richard Candell, Hans-Peter Bernhard, Dave Cavalcanti, Zhibo Pang, Inaki Val
Wireless has emerged as an enabling technology to improve operational flexibility and efficiency for factory automation. The latest wireless technology, standardization activities, and research issues were explored and discussed through the examination of

In Situ Monitoring of Cu/Al Laser Welding using Laser Induced Fluorescence

September 10, 2020
Brian Simonds, Tran N. Tran, Paul A. Williams
We investigate laser spot welding of 200 µm thick Cu and Al foils using laser-induced fluorescence (LIF). The key to strong Cu/Al welds is limited intermetallic compound formation through controlled molten metal interaction time. For laser lap welds, Cu in

Development of a Kinematic Measurement Method for Knee Exoskeleton Fit to a User

August 4, 2020
Roger V. Bostelman, YaShian Li-Baboud, Karl Van Wyk, Mili Shah
Exoskeletons are now being marketed by several manufacturers and yet there are currently no defined methods to measure the exoskeleton fit to the user. Proper exoskeleton fit to user impacts the safety of the human robot interaction. In this paper, we

Connecting, Deploying, and Using the Smart Manufacturing Systems Test Bed

July 16, 2020
Moneer M. Helu, Thomas D. Hedberg Jr.
This report describes how different smart manufacturing standards and technologies, such as MTConnect, were integrated in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Smart Manufacturing Systems (SMS) Test Bed to support the collection

Recommendations for Collecting, Curating, and Re-Using Manufacturing Data

July 16, 2020
Moneer M. Helu, Thomas D. Hedberg Jr.
This report provides general recommendations for collecting, curating, and re-using manufacturing data from both additive and subtractive processes. The intended audience includes researchers, technical-assessment personnel, and end-users who would like to

Securing Manufacturing Industrial Control Systems: Behavioral Anomaly Detection

July 16, 2020
Michael P. Powell, James J. McCarthy, CheeYee Tang, Keith Stouffer, Timothy Zimmerman, William C. Barker, Titilayo Ogunyale, Devin M. Wynne
Industrial control systems (ICS) are used in many industries to monitor and control physical processes. As ICS continue to adopt commercially available information technology (IT) to promote corporate business systems' connectivity and remote access
Displaying 26 - 50 of 1893