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Scattering resonances and bound states for strongly interacting Rydberg polaritons



Przemek Bienias, Soonwon Choi, Ofer Firstenberg, Mohammad F. Maghrebi, Mikhail Lukin, Alexey Gorshkov, Hans Peter Buchler


We provide a rigorous framework describing a low-density gas of slow-light polaritons propagating in one dimension under the conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency and interacting via strong Rydberg-Rydberg interactions. Specifically, we use a diagrammatic method to analytically derive the scattering properties of two polaritons. We discover previously unexplored parameter regimes where polariton-polariton interactions are repulsive. Furthermore, in the regime of attractive interactions, we identify multiple two-polariton bound states, calculate their dispersion, and study the resulting scattering resonances. Finally, the two-particle scattering properties allow us to derive the exact low-energy many-body Hamiltonian. This theoretical platform is immediately applicable to ongoing experiments.
Physical Review A


Rydberg atoms, electromagnetically induced transparency, dark state polaritons, two-photon bound states, interacting photons


Bienias, P. , Choi, S. , Firstenberg, O. , Maghrebi, M. , Lukin, M. , Gorshkov, A. and Buchler, H. (2014), Scattering resonances and bound states for strongly interacting Rydberg polaritons, Physical Review A, [online],, (Accessed May 18, 2024)


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Created November 2, 2014, Updated October 12, 2021