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Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Applied to Optical Surfaces



Robert A. Dragoset, R Young, Howard P. Layer, S Mielczarek, E C. Teague, Robert Celotta


The technique of scanning tunneling microscopy has been applied to topographic mapping of two optical surfaces: a ruled grating replica and a diamond-turned gold mirror. We have demonstrated the ability of the scanning tunneling microscope to measure surface topography of a ruled-grating replica over an area of 2 υm X 2 υm. Furthermore, surface structure on a diamond-turned gold mirror was observed that could not be detected by any other type of surface-sensitive microscope. These measurements yield information necessary for gaining a complete understanding of the diamond-turning process.
Optics Letters


Dragoset, R. , Young, R. , Layer, H. , Mielczarek, S. , Teague, E. and Celotta, R. (1986), Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Applied to Optical Surfaces, Optics Letters (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created December 31, 1985, Updated October 12, 2021