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Scaling of Domain Spacing of Block Copolymers Dilated by High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide



Timothy P. Francis, B D. Vogt, M Wang, J J. Watkins


The dependence of the interdomain spacing, d, of a phase separated poly(styrene-b-dimethyl siloxane) in high-pressure carbon dioxide is studied and shown to follow a new power law scaling, , where ? is an asymmetry factor. The interdomain spacing of phase-separated poly(styrene-b-dimethyl siloxane) has been measured by in situ small angle neutron scattering, both isothermally an at constant ?polymer. The results of these experiments indicate that high-pressure CO2 behaves similarly to a traditional selective liquid solvent. They also show that the isothermally measured d cannot be described by the traditional power law scaling that does not account for solvent selectivity, but collapses to a line when scaled by an asymmetry factor. Data measured at constant ?polymer is in good agreement with previously reported findings, and shows that the scaling is accurate.


block copolymers, carbon dioxide, phase behavior, supercritical fluids


Francis, T. , Vogt, B. , Wang, M. and Watkins, J. (2021), Scaling of Domain Spacing of Block Copolymers Dilated by High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide, Macromolecules (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021