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Scalable Quantum Logic Spectroscopy



Kaifeng Cui, Jose Valencia, Kevin Boyce, Ethan Clements, David Leibrandt, David Hume


In quantum logic spectroscopy (QLS), one species of trapped ion is used as a sensor to detect the state of an otherwise inaccessible ion species. This extends precision measurements to a broader class of atomic and molecular systems for applications like atomic clocks and tests of fundamental physics. Here, we develop a new technique based on a Schrödinger cat interferometer to address the problem of scaling QLS to larger ion numbers. We demonstrate the basic features of this method using various combinations of 25-Mg+ logic ions and 27-Al+ spectroscopy ions. We observe higher detection efficiency by increasing the number of 25-Mg+ ions. Applied to multiple 27-Al+, this method will improve the stability of high-accuracy optical clocks and could enable Heisenberg-limited QLS.
Physical Review Letters


quantum information, optical clocks, trapped ions, quantum metrology


Cui, K. , Valencia, J. , Boyce, K. , Clements, E. , Leibrandt, D. and Hume, D. (2022), Scalable Quantum Logic Spectroscopy, Physical Review Letters, [online],, (Accessed March 4, 2024)
Created November 2, 2022, Updated January 8, 2024