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Scalable, chip-based optically-controlled gates for quantum information processing



Sergey V. Polyakov, Ivan Burenkov, Olga Tikhonova


Here we present a simple and robust method to build on-the-fly configurable quantum gates based on photonic exchange between quantum nodes. The idea is based on a high reflectivity of Bragg grating structures near resonant wavelengths. The control is exerted by applying an external strongly off-resonant or even a static electromagnetic field and taking advantage of the Kerr effect. When the nonlinear phase shift is strong enough, the Bragg mirror disappears, thereby allowing a transmission of a wave packet from one node to another. An example of a protocol for quantum logic gates that relies on this framework is offered.
Laser Physics Letters


nonlinear control, chip-based information processing, quantum gates, quantum information


Polyakov, S. , Burenkov, I. and Tikhonova, O. (2016), Scalable, chip-based optically-controlled gates for quantum information processing, Laser Physics Letters (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created November 15, 2016, Updated March 23, 2017