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Scalability of precision design principles for machines and instruments



Jose Yague-Fabra, Wei Gao, Andreas Archenti, Ed Morse, Alkan Donmez


The implementation of precision engineering principles in the design of precision systems is fundamental to achieve high accuracy. Although these principles may be independent of the system working range, their implementation is not. The working range, the accuracy and the load of the system limit, for instance, the selection of materials, the structural design or the positioning system. This article analyzes the applicability of precision engineering design principles depending on the working range of the system in order to establish their scalability or lack of it in small, medium and large range machines and instruments.
CIRP Annals-ManufacturingTechnology


Precision, System, Scalability


Yague-Fabra, J. , Gao, W. , Archenti, A. , Morse, E. and Donmez, A. (2021), Scalability of precision design principles for machines and instruments, CIRP Annals-ManufacturingTechnology, [online],, (Accessed May 20, 2024)


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Created July 16, 2021, Updated February 23, 2022