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SAGE: A proposal for a Space Atomic Gravity Explorer



Nathan R. Newbury, Chris Oates, Jun Ye, Guglielmo Tino, A Bassi, G Bianco, K Bongs, L Cacciapuoti, M. L. Chiofalo, X Chen, A Derevianko, W Ertme, N Gaaloul, Patrick Gill, P. W. Graham, J. M. Hogan, L Iess, Mark Kasevich, H Katori, Carsten Klempt, X Lu, Long-Sheng Ma, H Muller, A Peters, N Poli, Rasel E, G Rosi, A Roura, C Salomon, S Schiller, W Sleich, D Schlippert, F Schreck, C Schubert, Sorrentino F, Uwe Sterr, J. W. Thomsen, G Vallone, F Vetrano, P Villoresi, W von Klitzing, P Wolf, Nan Yu, M.S. Zhan


The proposed mission \Space Atomic Gravity Explorer (SAGE) has the scientifi c objective to investigate gravitational waves, dark matter, and other fundamental aspects of gravity as well as the connection between gravitational physics and quantum physics using new quantum sensors, namely, optical atomic clocks and atom interferometers based on ultracold strontium atoms.
European Journal of Physics


Newbury, N. , Oates, C. , Ye, J. , Tino, G. , Bassi, A. , Bianco, G. , Bongs, K. , Cacciapuoti, L. , Chiofalo, M. , Chen, X. , Derevianko, A. , Ertme, W. , Gaaloul, N. , Gill, P. , Graham, P. , Hogan, J. , Iess, L. , Kasevich, M. , Katori, H. , Klempt, C. , Lu, X. , Ma, L. , Muller, H. , Peters, A. , Poli, N. , E, R. , Rosi, G. , Roura, A. , Salomon, C. , Schiller, S. , Sleich, W. , Schlippert, D. , Schreck, F. , Schubert, C. , F, S. , Sterr, U. , Thomsen, J. , Vallone, G. , Vetrano, F. , Villoresi, P. , von Klitzing, W. , Wolf, P. , Yu, N. and Zhan, M. (2019), SAGE: A proposal for a Space Atomic Gravity Explorer, European Journal of Physics (Accessed July 19, 2024)


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Created November 15, 2019, Updated March 17, 2023