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S and Si Ion-Implantation in GaSb Grown on GaAs



M V. Rao, A K. Berry, T Q. Do, M C. Ridgway, P Chi, J Waterman


Single and multiple energy S and Si ion-implantations were performed at room temperature (RT) and at 200 C into GaSb epitaxial layers grown on semi-insulating GaAs substrates. The implanted material was annealed with a Si3N4 cap at 400-600 C for 5 min. Secondary ion mass spectrometry measurements indicated thermal stability of Si and S implants even for 600 C annealing. Appreciable donor electrical activations of Si and S were obtained only for 200 C implantation for annealing temperatures > 500 C. For S implantation the calculated substitutional activation is 50%. Rutherford backscattering/channeling measurements indicated lattice quality close to the virgin level for samples annealed at 600 C. N-type conduction was not observed in GaSb bulk material implanted at either RT or 200 C.
Journal of Applied Physics
No. 11


doping, ion-implantation, secondary ion mass spectrometry


Rao, M. , Berry, A. , Do, T. , Ridgway, M. , Chi, P. and Waterman, J. (1999), S and Si Ion-Implantation in GaSb Grown on GaAs, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed April 13, 2024)
Created November 30, 1999, Updated October 12, 2021