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Rotational Spectrum, Structure, and Electric Dipole Moment of bis(Difluoromethyl) Ether(E134)



R D. Suenram, Francis J. Lovas, Angela R. Hight Walker, D Dixon


The rotational spectrum of bis (difluoromethyl) ether (CF2HOCF2H) has been observed and analyzed using both a conventional Stark-modulated microwave spectrometer and a pulsed-molecular-beam Fabry-Perot cavity microwave (FTMW) spectrometer. The lowest energy conformer studied here has a (hydrogen) syn-anti conformation. The high sensitivity of the FTMW spectrometer permits observation and analysis of the 13C, 18O, and 2H isotopomers in natural abundance. The electric dipole moment was measured for the normal species and found to be υa = 5.020(7) x 10-30 C.m [1.505(2)D], υb = 0.19(4) x 10-30 C.m [0.056(11) D], and υc = 0.48(2) x 10-30 C.m [0.144(7) D] and υT = 5.047(10) x 10-30 C.m [1.513(3) D].
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy


ab initio calculation, bis(Difluoromethyl) Ether, electric dipole moment, Fourier Transform spectroscopy, molecular structure, rotational spectrum


Suenram, R. , Lovas, F. , Hight, A. and Dixon, D. (1998), Rotational Spectrum, Structure, and Electric Dipole Moment of bis(Difluoromethyl) Ether(E134), Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created June 1, 1998, Updated February 17, 2017