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Root-cause analysis of wear-induced error motion changes of machine tool linear axes



Gregory W. Vogl, Jordan Jameson, Andreas Archenti, Karoly Szipka, M A. Donmez


Manufacturers need online methods that give updated information of system capabilities to know and predict the performance of their machine tools. Use of an inertial measurement unit (IMU) is attractive for on-machine condition monitoring, so methods based on spatial filters were developed to determine rail wear conditions of linear guideways of a carriage from its IMU-based error motion. It was shown that rail wear-induced changes in translational and angular error motions as small as 1.5 µm and 3.0 µrad, respectively, could be resolved. A corresponding two-part root-cause analysis procedure was developed to determine the rail locations of spalling degradation as well as the most probable physical location of spalling that causes the detected error motion changes. Another analysis method determined the root cause of non-localized degradation along each rail. These approaches support the development of smart machine tools that provide actionable intelligence to manufacturers for early warnings of system change.
International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture


Machine tool, Error, Diagnostics


Vogl, G. , Jameson, J. , Archenti, A. , Szipka, K. and Donmez, M. (2019), Root-cause analysis of wear-induced error motion changes of machine tool linear axes, International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created May 23, 2019, Updated July 22, 2019