Room Temperature Acoustic Transducers for High-Temperature Thermometry

Published: July 09, 2012


Dean C. Ripple, William E. Murdock, Gregory F. Strouse, Keith A. Gillis, Michael R. Moldover


We have successfully conducted highly-accurate, primary acoustic thermometry at 600 K using a sound source and a sound detector at room temperature. We describe the source, the detector, and the ducts that connected them to our cavity resonator. This transducer system preserved the purity of the thermometric gas, generated small, predictable perturbations to the acoustic resonance frequencies, and can be used at much higher temperatures.
Proceedings Title: 9th International Temperature Symposium
Volume: 8
Conference Dates: March 19-23, 2012
Conference Location: Anaheim, CA
Pub Type: Conferences

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acoustic thermometer, acoustic transducers, high temperature, primary thermometry, speed of sound
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