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Role of e-Collaborations in Scaling-Up Materials Innovation



Surya R. Kalidindi, David Brough, Sheng Yen Li, Ahmet Cecen, Aleksandr L. Blekh, Faical Y. Congo, Carelyn E. Campbell


The goal of the recently announced materials innovation initiatives such as the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) and the Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) approach is to substantially reduce the time and cost of materials design and deployment. Achieving this goal requires taking advantage of recent advances in data and information sciences, and fostering a variety of existing and emerging modes of online collaborations between diverse stakeholders, hereafter collectively referred to as e-collaborations. These e-collaborations have to become a core strategy to accomplish the vision of scaled-up materials innovation. Key ingredients needed for successful adoption of e-collaborations in materials innovation activities include shareable and accessible data/information/knowledge repositories (databases), team creation tools, workflow capture and management tools, and discussion/annotation/visualization tools. This paper reviews opportunities for scaled-up materials innovation through adoption of these emerging toolsets and presents a specific case study in modeling and design of γ/γ' Ni-based superalloys.
MRS Bulletin


e-collaborations, data repositories, ICME, materials innovation


Kalidindi, S. , Brough, D. , Li, S. , Cecen, A. , Blekh, A. , Congo, F. and Campbell, C. (2016), Role of e-Collaborations in Scaling-Up Materials Innovation, MRS Bulletin (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created August 1, 2016, Updated October 12, 2021