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Robust Ferromagnetism in the Compressed Permanent Magnet Sm2Co17



Jason R. Jeffries, L.S.I. Veiga, G. Fabbris, D. Haskel, P. Huang, Nicholas Butch, S.K. McCall, K. Holliday, Z. Jenei, Y. Xiao, P. Chow


The compound Sm2Co17 displays magnetic properties amenable to permanent magnet applications owing to both the 3d-electrons of Co and the 4f-electrons of Sm. The long-standing description of the magnetic interactions between the Sm and Co ions implies a truly ferromagnetic configuration, but some recent calculations challenge this axiom, suggesting at least a propensity for ferrimagnetic behavior. We have used high-pressure synchrotron x-ray techniques to characterize the magnetic and structural properties of Smd2^Co17 to reveal a robust ferromagnetic state. The local Sm moment is at most weakly affected by compression, and the ordered moments show a surprising resilience to volumetric compressions of nearly 20%. Density functional theory calculations echo the magnetic robustness of Sm2Co17.
Physical Review B


magnet, x-ray, pressure


Jeffries, J. , Veiga, L. , Fabbris, G. , Haskel, D. , Huang, P. , Butch, N. , McCall, S. , Holliday, K. , Jenei, Z. , Xiao, Y. and Chow, P. (2014), Robust Ferromagnetism in the Compressed Permanent Magnet Sm<sub>2</sub>Co<sub>17</sub>, Physical Review B, [online], (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created September 7, 2014, Updated October 12, 2021