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Robotic Antenna Measurements



Josh Gordon


Robots excel at manipulating objects with 6 degree of freedom movement. A combination of well-defined kinematics, optimized control loops, and robust mechanical architecture make robots a versatile and capable platform for a range of applications where controlled movement throughout space is needed. The requirement to manipulate antennas of various form factors accurately and precisely over a volume of space is especially important for antenna testing. The use of robots to address measurement challenges in today's wireless world has continued over the past decade with new types of systems and antenna measurements being realized. This roadmap exposes the reader to key aspects of current and emerging directions of research in robotic antenna measurements so that they can explore this exciting and continually evolving area of metrology.
Reviews of Electromagnetics


Antenna, Robot, Robotic Antenna Measurements


Gordon, J. (2023), Robotic Antenna Measurements, Reviews of Electromagnetics, [online], (Accessed March 2, 2024)
Created December 11, 2023, Updated December 14, 2023