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Robot Performance Measurements Using Automatic Laser Techniques



K Lau, R Hocken, L Haynes


This paper describes two laser tracking techniques currently under development at the National Bureau of Standards for robot performance measurements. Tests indicate that the systems can be used in real-time to determine the three-dimensional static and dynamic positioning accuracy of a robot end effector to a few parts in 100,000 (i.e. 12.5 - 50 um for a medium to large size robot), and wrist orientations to within two seconds of arc. Both systems would be simple and compact enough to be considered as a general-purpose portable calibrating tool for robots (or CNC machines), or an integral part of a robotic system providing real-time position feedback of the end-effector independent of the position and angle feedback of joint members. The ability to dynamically and statically measure the position of an end-effector to the above accuracy has significant ramifications with regard to meaningful robot performance measurements, and the potential of these systems on other industrial and engineering applications.
Proceedings Title
NBS-Navy NAV/CIM Workshop on Robot Standards
Conference Dates
June 6, 1985
Conference Location
Detroit, MI, USA
Conference Title
Robot Standards


Lau, K. , Hocken, R. and Haynes, L. (1985), Robot Performance Measurements Using Automatic Laser Techniques, NBS-Navy NAV/CIM Workshop on Robot Standards, Detroit, MI, USA, [online], (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created June 6, 1985, Updated October 12, 2021