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The Rich Transcription 2005 Spring Meeting Recognition Evaluation


Jonathan G. Fiscus, Nicolas Radde, John S. Garofolo, A N. Le, Jerome G. Ajot, Christophe Laprun


This paper presents the design and results of the Rich Transcription Spring 2005 (RT-05S) Meeting Recognition Evaluation. This evaluation is the third in a series of community-wide evaluations of language technologies in the meeting domain. For 2005, four evaluation tasks were supported. These included a speech-to-text (STT) transcription task and three diarization tasks: Who Spoke When, Speech Activity Detection, and Source Localization. The latter two were first-time experimental proof-of-concept tasks and were treated as dry runs. For the STT task, the lowest word error rate for the multiple distant microphone condition was 30.0% which represented an impressive 33% relative reduction from the best result obtained in the last such evaluation -- the Rich Transcription Spring 2004 Meeting Recognition Evaluation. For the diarization Who Spoke When task, the lowest diarization error rate was 18.56% which represented a 19% relative reduction from that of RT-04S.
Conference Title
Rich transcription 2005 Spring Meeting Recognition Evaluation


Speech-To-Text, Diarization, Rich Transcription, Language Technology, Benchmark Evaluation, Meeting Recognition, Source Localization


Fiscus, J. , Radde, N. , Garofolo, J. , Le, A. , Ajot, J. and Laprun, C. (1970), The Rich Transcription 2005 Spring Meeting Recognition Evaluation, Rich transcription 2005 Spring Meeting Recognition Evaluation (Accessed July 17, 2024)


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Created August 26, 2016, Updated January 27, 2020