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RF Power Dependence Study of Large Area YBCO Thin Films



Z Ma, E. I. DeObaldia, G. Hampel, P. A. Polakos, P. M. Mankiewich, B. Batlogg, W. Prusseit, H. Kinder, Angela Anderson, D. E. Oates, Ronald H. Ono, James A. Beall


In an effort to develop HTS superconducting filters with sufficient power handling capability for PCS (Personal Communication Services) base station transmit applications, we have undertaken a study of the power dependence of large area YBCO thin films on LaAlO3 substrates. We employed a coplanar-wave guide (CPW) resonator technique to obtain the changes of loss and inductance versus circulating microwave currents in the films. Data have been collected on uniform large area (2 diameter) films grown by coevaporation and off-axis sputtering techniques under varying deposition conditions. We found correlations between the RF power dependence and other film properties such as penetration depth and crystal structure. The most intrinsic sample, from the coevaporation technique, characterized by the smallest penetration depth, good orthorhombicity and absence of tetragonal phase, shows the least amount of nonlinearity. Such correlations can be used to pre-screen films for fabrication and monitor the film production line. However, films from coevaporation and off-axis sputtering show very distinct power dependent behaviors.
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity


HTS, PCS, RF power dependence, YBCO films


Ma, Z. , DeObaldia, E. , Hampel, G. , Polakos, P. , Mankiewich, P. , Batlogg, B. , Prusseit, W. , Kinder, H. , Anderson, A. , Oates, D. , Ono, R. and Beall, J. (1997), RF Power Dependence Study of Large Area YBCO Thin Films, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created May 31, 1997, Updated October 12, 2021