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Reversible axial-strain effect in Y-Ba-Cu-O coated conductors



Najib Cheggour, John (Jack) W. Ekin, C. L. H. Thieme, Y Y. Xie, V Selvamanickam, Ron Feenstra


The recently discovered reversible strain effect in Y-Ba-Cu-O (YBCO) coated conductors contrasts with the general understanding that the effect of strain on critical-current density Jc in practical high-temperature superconductors is determined only by crack formation in the ceramic component. Instead of having a constant Jc as a function of strain before an irreversible drop when cracks form in the superconductor, Jc in YBCO coated conductors can decrease or increase reversibly with strain over a significant strain range up to an irreversible strain limit. This reversible effect is present in samples fabricated either with rolling-assisted biaxially textured Ni-W substrates or with ion-beam-assisted deposition on Hastalloy substrates. The reversibility of Jc with strain is observed for thin as well as thick YBCO films, and at two very different temperatures (76 and 4K). The reversible effect is dependent on temperature and magnetic field, thus indicating its intrinsic nature. We also report an enhancement of the irreversible strain limit εirr where the reversible strain effect ends and YBCO cracking starts. The value of εirr increases from about 0.4% to more than 0.5% when YBCO coated conductors are fabricated with an additional Cu protection layer.
Superconductor Science and Technology


coated conductors, crack arresting, critical current, differential thermal contraction, fracture toughness, intrinsic strain effect, irreversible strain limit, pinning force, scaling, strain, superconductor, Y-Ba-Cu-O


Cheggour, N. , Ekin, J. , Thieme, C. , Xie, Y. , Selvamanickam, V. and Feenstra, R. (2005), Reversible axial-strain effect in Y-Ba-Cu-O coated conductors, Superconductor Science and Technology, [online], (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created November 6, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021