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Rethinking Authentication



Kim B. Schaffer


In today's environment, there is little doubt that companies, organizations, and governments must make significant investments in developing, implementing, and supporting authentication for their digital systems. Perhaps because of this, an organization's IT support center often takes a hard line when it comes to user's authentication. Authentication tools typically take for granted that the user will do whatever it takes to authenticate. No surprise, users don't like being forced into a corner. They are resourceful and very creative in making it more manageable, usually by coming up with ways that circumvent the overall security of a system. Unfortunately, as the number and complexity of authentications for each user become greater, job satisfaction for workers is likely to decrease.
IEEE IT Professional


usable authentication, work process, security, authentication


Schaffer, K. (2019), Rethinking Authentication, IEEE IT Professional, [online], (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created November 11, 2019, Updated May 4, 2021