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Response Bias of Electrical Cable Coatings at Fire Conditions (REBECCA-FIRE)



Kevin B. McGrattan, Edward J. Hnetkovsky, Scott D. Bareham, Michael J. Selepak, Morgan Bruns


This report contains results of a multi-year experimental program called REBECCA-FIRE (Response Bias of Electrical Cable Coatings at Fire Conditions). Volume 2 of the three volume report focuses on the burning behavior of electrical cables that are protected with a variety of protective coatings. The experiments range from bench to full-scale. Ignition temperatures have been measured using a well-controlled convection oven. Burning rates of coated cables have been measured using a cone calorimeter in which 10 cm (4 in) by 10 cm (4 in) cable segments are exposed to a relatively high heat flux to determine their burning rate, heat of combustion, and other properties. Full-scale horizontal and vertical flame spread experiments have been conducted to determine if the coatings prevent the lateral and upward spread of fire over different types of cables, and to determine the time at which circuit integrity is lost.


Electrical cables, nuclear power plants, fire
Created June 9, 2020