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Resonant X-ray Emission and Valence-band Lifetime Broadening in LiNO3



John T. Vinson, Terrence J. Jach, Matthias Mueller, Rainer Unterumsberger, Burkhard Beckhoff


X-ray absorption and resonant inelastic x-ray scattering measurements are carried out on lithium nitrate LiNO3. Echoing previous studies on ammonium nitrate, the σ orbitals around the nitrogen atoms exhibit a large lifetime effect. Experimentally, this is manifest as an apparent weakening of the x-ray emission signal from these states, but a closer examination shows this to be due to extreme broadening. Using first-principles self-energy and Bethe-Salpeter equation calculations we show that this effect is due in part to short quasi-hole lifetimes for orbitals in the NOσ bonds.
Physical Review B
Created August 28, 2019, Updated November 1, 2019