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Resonant Spin Transmission Mediated by Magnons in a Magnetic Insulator Multilayer Structure



Yabin Fan, Joseph Finley, Jiahao Han, Megan E. Holtz, Patrick Quarterman, Pengxiang Zhang, Taqiyyah S. Safi, Justin T. Hou, Alexander Grutter, Luqiao Liu


One important goal of magnonics is to discover novel wave properties of magnons, which are quanta of collective excitation in magnets, to make it compatible for application on coherent information transmission and processing1,2. However, thin-film interference, a crucial phenomenon in optics to harness light propagation, has not been explored for magnons in nanoscale magnetic structures. Here, by exploiting magnon thin-film interference and magnon-magnon interaction in a Pt/magnetic-insulator/magnetic-metal multilayer structure, we demonstrate efficient interference-induced modulation of spin transmission across the structure, driven by spin pumping. We find that the low-damping magnetic insulator plays the role as a magnon cavity, boosting spin transmission by more than 10 times at selected frequencies, whose range can be widely tuned by the magnetic field configuration. Moreover, the multilayer structure can also shut down spin transmission completely by blocking magnons lying within the bandgap of the magnetic insulator. The demonstrated magnon interference and filtering effect in magnetic thin-film structures can provide useful functions in future magnonic devices and circuits.
Advanced Materials


Magnetic insulators, spin waves, thin films, spin transport


Fan, Y. , Finley, J. , Han, J. , Holtz, M. , Quarterman, P. , Zhang, P. , Safi, T. , Hou, J. , Grutter, A. and Liu, L. (2021), Resonant Spin Transmission Mediated by Magnons in a Magnetic Insulator Multilayer Structure, Advanced Materials (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created June 2, 2021, Updated September 20, 2021