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Resonant satellites in photoemission and Auger spectra of d-band metals



S Girvin, David R. Penn


Photoemission and Auger electron spectroscopy are powerful tools in the study of the electronic and magnetic properties of d band metals. In certain instances experimental spectra can be directly interpreted as a measure of some one body density of states. In other cases one must consider the many body dynamics of the measurement process in detail. Striking examples of the latter are the resonant satellites in several filled d band materials which have been observed in photoemission near the photon energy threshold for core hole production. An elementary introduction to the physics of this satellite phenomenon will be presented. A model recently introduced by Davis and Feldkamp to explain resonant satellites in filled d band materials will be discussed in some detail and the predictions of this model will be used to illustrate some general properties of resonant photoemission satellites.
Journal of Applied Physics


Girvin, S. and Penn, D. (1981), Resonant satellites in photoemission and Auger spectra of d-band metals, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created February 28, 1981, Updated October 12, 2021