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Resonant Magnetic Field Control of Elastic Scattering in Cold 85Rb



J L. Roberts, N R. Claussen, J P. Burke, C H. Greene, Eric A. Cornell, C E. Wieman


A magnetic field-dependent Feshbach resonance has been observed in the elastic scattering collision rate between stoms in the F = 2, M = -2 state of 85Rb. Changing the magnetic field by several Gauss caused the collision rate to vary by a factor of 104, and the sign of the scattering length could be reversed. The resonance peak is at 155.2 (4) G and its width is 11.6(5) G. From these results we extract much improved values for the three quantitites that characterize the interaction potential: The van der Walls coefficient C6, the singlet scattering length as, and the triplet scattering length ar.
Physical Review Letters
No. 23


Bose-Einstein condensation, interatomic potentials, optical cooling of atoms, scattering of atoms, trapping


Roberts, J. , Claussen, N. , Burke, J. , Greene, C. , Cornell, E. and Wieman, C. (1998), Resonant Magnetic Field Control of Elastic Scattering in Cold 85Rb, Physical Review Letters (Accessed November 30, 2023)
Created November 30, 1998, Updated October 12, 2021